These are the photography reference books on my shelves.

Upturned boat, near Hals, Denmark (film)


  • A-Z of Photographers (Taschen)
  • Bernice Abbott – Photofile (Hank O’Neil)
  • Araki -Photofile (Alan Jouffroy)
  • Eugène Atget – In Focus (Gordon Baldwin)
  • Bill Brandt – Photofile (Ian Jeffrey)
  • Brassaï – Photofile (Roger Grenier)
  • Henri Cartier-Bresson – Photofile (Michael Brenson)
  • Henri Cartier-Bresson – Aperture Masters of Photography (Clément Chéroux)
  • Robert Doisneau – Taschen (Jean Claude Gautraud)
  • Walker Evans – Photofile (Gilles Mora)
  • Bruce Gilden – Photofile (Hans-Michael Koetzle)
  • Hill & Adamson – In Focus (Anne M. Lyden)
  • Frank Horvat – Photofile (Virginie Chardin)
  • William Klein – Photofile (Christian Caujolle)
  • Saul Leiter – Photofile (Max Kozlov)
  • Saul Leiter – The Unseen (Margit Era and Michael Parillo)
  • Masters of Photography: A Complete Guide (Reuel Golden)
  • Magnum Photos – Photofile (Fred Ritchin)
  • Helmut Newton – Photofile (Karl Lagerfeld)
  • Marc Ribaud – Photofile (Marc Ribaud)
  • Sebastiao Salgado – Photofile (Christian Caujolle)
  • Cindy Sherman – The Complete Untitled Film Stills
  • Paul Strand – In Focus (Anne M. Lyden)
  • Weegee – In Focus (Judith Keller)
  • Edward Weston – In Focus (Brett Abott)

History of Photography

  • 20th Century Photography (Taschen)
  • Icons of Photography, The 20th Century (Peter Stepan)
  • History of Photography from 1839 to the  Present (Taschen)
  • A History of Photography in 50 Cameras (Michael Pritchard)
  • Women Photographers Pioneers 1851-1936 Photofile (Clara Bourveresse)

Landscape Photography

  • Landscape Photography (Lonely Planet, Peter Eastway)
  • The Landscape Photography Field Guide (Carl Hellman II)
  • Landscape Photography (The Expanded Guide, Steve Watkins)


  • Photographic Lighting (The Expanded Guide, Steve Harrington)
  • The Nikon Creative Lighting System (Rocky Nook)
  • Night & Low Light Photography (The Expanded Guide, David Taylor)


  • The Film Photography Handbook: Rediscovering Photography (Chris Marquardt & Monika Andrae)
  • Beyond Auto (Chris Gatchum)
  • The Digital Photography Book, How To Make your Photos Look Like the Pros Volumes 1-4 (Scott Kelby)
  • The Digital Photography Book, 5, Photo Recipes (Scott Kelby)
  • Fundamentals of Modern Photography (Tom Ang)
  • The Photographer’s Vision (Michael Freeman)
  • Photography Beyond Auto (Chris Gatchum)
  • Photo Idea Index (Jim Krause)
  • What Makes Great Photography: 80 Masterpieces Explained Paperback (Val Williams)


  • British Camera Makers – An A-Z Guide to Companies and Products (Norman Channing & Mike Dunn)
  • The Hasselblad Manual, 7th Edition (Ernest Wilde)
  • The Nikon Handbook – The Complete Guide to Cameras, Lenses and Accessories (Peter Braczo)
  • Kodak Cameras – The First Hundred Years (Brian Coe)