The majority of photographs on this site are digital, as my photographic skills were not well developed in the film era, but the number of film shots are increasing.

Nikon F
My 1970 Nikon F

Most of the earlier pictures on this site were shot with a Nikon D300, with a few taken on the Nikon D40X, which was my first DSLR.  There are no shots at all from my first digital camera, which was a Canon Digital IXUS, an evolution of the APS film version I used for some yeara. My current digital cameras are a Nikon Z7 and Leica Q2.

Like many photographers, I use Lightroom Classic with PhotoShop for layers and mono conversion using channels.

Back to Film

A slightly battered Nikon F3 came my way in Stockholm in 2016 and though did a little shooting with film, but didn’t get very far until the restrictions of 2020-1. Reduced outgoings during lockdown enabled me to put together a small collection of film cameras.

The film cameras include a Nikon F, Nikon F6, Nikon FM3a, Leica M3 and Rolleiflex 3.5F. I really enjoying shooting with different types of cameras from often end up writing about them.

Hampton Gay Manor
The ruined manor at Hampton Gay, shot on film.

Medium format was always a bit of a mystery, which I’ve now dispelled with the help of a Rolleiflex and a Pentax 645 NII.

Further Back

The oldest camera I own is a 1911 Kodak. My keen interest in early photography means its entirely possible I’ll get to large format. My film shots are scanned and developed at The Dark Room. I will get to processing the films myself at some point…

Web Site

This web site is based on WordPress using the Master Slider plugin for the galleries and ShortPixel for image optimisation.  WPEngine hosting and my WP template are by Elementary Digital.

I really enjoy feedback on the photography and travel blogs, but I’ve had to remove the contact form as, despite my best attempts to prevent it, there’s an overwhelming amount of spam. I post on Instagram under instant_flashofdark.