Index of Galleries on Flash of Darkness

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Budapest – from trips in 2011, 2016 and 2017

Chicago – from trips in 2015 and 2016

The Dark Room – my darkest shots

Deal, Kent –  home from 1967-1983.

Dubai – from trips 2015-2017

Havana – the iconic city from a trip in 2013

Istanbul –  from an extraordinary trip  in 2014

Japan – Tokyo, Hakane, Hiroshima and Kyoto from a trip in 2017

Jerusalem – from a trip in 2016

Las Vegas – from many trips over the years

London – home from 1983-1986 and much visited since

New York – my favourite city in the US

Oxford – lived in or around since 1987

Rome – my favourite city in Europe

Route 66 – a road trip from Dallas to LA, mainly on Route 66 in 2013

Singapore and Sydney – from a trip in 2017

Switzerland – from many trips over the years

USA Valleys and Canyons – Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Antelope Canyon mainly from a road trip in 2015

USA, Pacific Northwest – from road trip South from Vancouver in 2017

Venice – from a tour of Northern Italy trip in 2018

Verona and Lake Garda- from the same tour

Whitstable Kent – another wonderful seaside town near my home town of Deal