Upturned boat, Hals, Denmark, 2022 (Nikon F6)
The beach, Hals, Denmark, 2022 (Nikon F6)
The harbour at Hals, Denmark, 2022 (Nikon F6)
Bluebell Railway Line Nikon F6
Engineer on the Bluebell railway 2022 (Nikon F6)
Brill Windmill, 2020 (Nikon F6)
The ruined manor at Hampton Gay, 2020 (Nikon F6)
Deal Kent
Looking Out to Sea from Morning Haze, Deal, 2020 (Nikon F6)
Deal Kent
The Mechanical Beauty of Old Winch Gear, Deal 2020 (Nikon F6)
Moss Rose, Deal, 2021 (Nikon F6)
Coffee on the Beach, Deal, 2021 (Nikon F6)
Port Meadow, Oxford, 2022 (Nikon F6)
Margate harbour, 2022 (Nikon F6)
Narrow boats on the Oxford Canal, 2023 (Nikon F6)
Whitstable beach, 2022 (Nikon F6)