Deal Leica M7
Dark Skies. 2024 (Leica M7)
Deal Leica M7
Dark Skies 2, 2024 (Leica M7)
Deal Agfa Optima 1535
Dark Skies 3, 2024 (Agfa Optima 1535)
Deal Leica M7
Cloudy Day, 2024 (Leica M7)
Moss Rose, 2021 (Nikon F6)
Deal Fujifilm DL Supermini
Seamist and winch gear, 2024 (Fujifilm DL Supermini)
Deal Kent
A Quiet Moment on the Beach, 2020 (Nikon F100)
Lobster pots deal kent
Stack of Lobster Pots, 2020 (Nikon F6)
Deal Kent
Looking Out to Sea from Morning Haze, 2020 (Nikon F6)
Deal Kent
Denise, FE371, 2020 (Nikon F100)
Deal Kent
The Mechanical Beauty of Old Winch Gear, 2020 (Nikon F6)
Deal fishing boat
Deal Fishing Boat from The Pier, 2021 (Medium Format, Pentax 645NII)
Deal Kent
The Mechanical Beauty of Old Winch Gear II, 2020 (Nikon F100)
Denise Deal Kent
Boats, Pots, Castle, 2020 (Nikon F6)
Polar Bear Deal Kent
Polar Bear and Plants, 2020 (Nikon 28ti)
Deal Kent
Polar Bear Up Close, 2020 (Nikon F100)
Deal Kent
Gary Ann, 2020 (Contax G2)
Deal Kent
Spiky Beach Scene, 2020  (Nikon F100)
Polar Bear Deal Beach
Polar Bear, Deal beach, 2020 (Nikon F100)
Deal Kent
Four Boats, 2020 (Nikon F100)
Deal Kent
Morning Haze, 2020 (Nikon F100)
Deal Kent
Working The Winch, 2020  (Nikon F100)
Polar Bear and Denise Deal Kent
Polar Bear with Fair Port and Denise, 2020 (Nikon F100)
Three Deal boats, 2021 (Nikon F6)
Dell G, Post and Chain, 2021 (Rolleiflex 3.5F)
Deal, Leica M7
Two Anchors, 2024 (Leica M7)
Moss Rose Deal Beach Kent
Moss Rose, (Medium Format, Pentax 645NII)
Deal Kent Polar Bear
Polar Bear, 2020 (Nikon F100)
Deal Kent
Planks and Pots, 2020 (Nikon 28ti)
Deal Agfa Optima 1535
Dark Clouds Approaching, 2024 (Agfa Optima 1535)

This page contains a gallery of black and white photos, taken in 2020 on film. You can read more about the history of Deal here