Talos the Fisherman Deal Kent Pier
Talos the Fisherman, May 2019
Winch Gear Deal Beach
Winch Gear 1, Deal Beach
Farrier Street Deal Kent black and white
Farrier Street, Deal
Time ball Tower Deal Kent
Anchor and Timeball
FE371 boat Deal beach
Denise Amongst the Lobster Pots
Objects, Deal Market
Objects, Deal Market
Walker in the fields near Ripple Mill, 2021 (Medium Format, Pentax 645NII)
Bypassed by Time: The Regent
Embracing the sea, Deal
"Embracing the Sea"
Mileage tea station
Mileage Tea Station
Denise FE371 boat Deal Beach
Denise 2
The Ship Inn, 141 Middle Street, Deal
winch gear deal beach black and white
Winch Gear 2, Deal Beach
abandoned boat, Deal
Abandoned Boat, Deal
St Leonard's Church, Deal
Anchor Time Ball Tower Deal Beach
A quiet day by the Timeball
Painting boat, Deal Beach Kent
Painting Lady Irene
FE371 Deal Beach
Denise 3
Winch gear Deal Beach Kent
Winch Gear 3, Deal Beach
Old Cigarette Machine Deal
Old Cigarette Machine, Deal, 2018
Deal beach
Deal Beach with Grain 2021 (Film, Leica M6 TTL)
Inverted Fish Sign Deal Kent